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To avoid kicking up dust, hold the broom at an angle so the bristles sit flat on the floor (if you're right-handed, the bristles should be on your left; if you're left-handed, they will be on your right). Start in one corner and sweep outward without lifting the broom from the floor, being sure to run the broom close to baseboards. Work toward the center of the room, sweeping away from your body, pushing dirt into a pile (or several).

How Often to Sweep

Unlike with other cleaning tasks, there's no set schedule for sweeping. You might use a broom every day for sweeping up crumbs after dinner, and an electrostatic sweeper for picking up dog hair in the living room. You'll also reach for a broom when you need a low-tech, quick fix for a small mess, such as spilled nails in the garage or flour in the kitchen. For your more thorough house cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is more effective and efficient. Outdoors, too, use a broom as needed: when a few leaves start to scatter across the patio, or when the walkway seems particularly dirty.


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