Credit: Jennifer Tzar

If you are a beginner, use the illustrations as a guide, using a large hook and heavy yarn until you have mastered the stitches.

Slip Knot

Make loop as shown.

1. Insert hook into center of loop; catch lower yarn, and draw it through loop.


2. To tighten, pull long end of yarn downward.


Chain Stitch


The chain stitch is the basic unit of the foundation row. It is also used to create spaces between fancier stitches.

3. With yarn in left hand and hook with slip knot in right, lower hook beneath yarn, then use hook to draw yarn back through slip knot. Tighten. One chain stitch (ch) is now complete.


Foundation Ring

4. Make a string of chain stitches, then bring both ends of chain stitches together; close ring by inserting hook into first ch, catching yarn, and drawing it through both loops on the hook to create a slip stitch (sl st). Pull short end of yarn to tighten. The first round is worked into these stitches.


Double Crochet


5. Wrap hook with yarn, then insert hook through foundation ring from front to back.


6. Hook working yarn and draw it back through ring.


7. There are now 3 loops on hook. Wrap hook with yarn, and draw it through first 2 loops on hook.


8. On the hook now are 2 more loops. Again wrap hook with yarn and draw it through both loops. You have now completed one dc. Continue working dcs into ring as instructed in Round One; when you have reached end of round, join ring of dcs with a slip stitch (sl st). Right side of work is facing you.


Joining New Yarn

Change colors only at the beginning of a new round. Snip yarn, leaving a short end, at end of previous round; finish with a slip stitch; pull tight. To attach yarn, insert hook for first stitch. Hook new yarn; draw it through the space, leaving it looped over hook.

9. Catch both ends of yarn; draw through loop. Continue with pattern, letting loose end of yarn lie along the piece to be covered by first set of stitches. When square is finished, loose ends can be trimmed.


Creating Corners

A granny square begins as a round.

10. To make it into a square, corners are created by working two clusters separated by chain stitches into only one space.


11. After all four corners have been worked, work a slip stitch (sl st) to close the round and join the last stitch to the first by sliding the hook through first ch, catching yarn, and drawing it through both loops on the hook.


Stitching Seams

Thread yarn needle with yarn the same color as perimeter of square.

12. Place squares right sides together, and join using a whipstitch; pass needle beneath both loops of outer chain on each square, as shown.


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