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Kitchen Cleaning Caddy

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Cooking is easier and safer in a clean kitchen, so you should spare no effort or expense in keeping your work surfaces sparkling. Fortunately, most of the cleaning supplies you'll need are inexpensive and readily accessible. Once you've gathered the following basics, assemble them in a convenient caddy, and you'll be prepared to tackle virtually any household chore.

Basic Kitchen Cleaning Supplies
- Powdered disinfectant cleaner with bleach works well on tough, set-in stains and eliminates common germs. Sprinkle it on a sponge or wet surface, and let it sit for 15 seconds before rubbing; make sure to be especially gentle with delicate surfaces.

- Bar Keepers Friend removes yellow stains from pots, pans, and teacups.

- Soft Scrub is antibacterial and well-suited to sinks and stovetops.

- Diluted Mr. Clean is a classic choice for floors, walls, appliances, and counters.

- Fantastik, which comes in a convenient spray, is more powerful than plain ammonia-based cleaners.

- Silver polish will help keep your silverware in top condition, but overuse can cause premature wear.

- Zymol wax rubbed into sink fixtures will force water to bead and fall off.

- Easy-Off Oven Cleaner removes tough, baked-on food.

- Latex gloves protect hands from caustic cleaning agents.

- Assorted rags, sponges, paper towels, and microfiber cleaning cloths are gentle and absorbent enough for almost any cleaning task.

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