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Sitting Pretties

These figures are created on metal roof flashing with collage fabric and paint. Once folded, they can sit on a mantle or bookshelf. This is a unique and whimsical way to display your family photos.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 2168


  • Lightweight metal roof flashing (.0101 ga)

  • Matte gel medium

  • Ink pen

  • Colored markers

  • Fabric

  • Extra trims: rickrack, ribbon, buttons, etc.

  • Tracing paper

  • Pencils

  • Aqua acrylic paint

  • Cream acrylic paint

  • Scissors

  • Paintbrushes

  • Sandpaper

  • Paper towels

  • Water

  • Sanding sticks


  1. Make a black-and-white photocopy of a photo with the person(s) looking at the camera.

  2. Cut out black-and-white photocopied head and neck.

  3. Sketch out bodies on tracing paper or use the Sitting Pretties template.

  4. Make a black-and-white photocopy of sketched-out bodies.

  5. Paint paper body using acrylic paint -- paint shirts one color and arms and legs cream; allow to dry.

  6. Cut out figure. If you added arms that will lay over the pants or skirt, also cut out where they lay over the pants or skirt.

  7. Cut fabric for skirts or shorts (use Sitting Pretties template or cut freehand). Also cut trims for belts and other details.

  8. Cut roof flashing to size, then sand lightly on both sides. Wipe with a dry paper towel to remove sanding residue.

  9. Place photocopied head, painted body, and fabric cutouts on the roof flashing to check placement.

  10. Glue all elements using a thick layer (like buttering bread) of matte gel medium applied with a paint brush; brush a final, thin layer of matte gel medium over entire surface, brushing away any bubbles under fabric. Allow to dry.

  11. Flip over and glue a fabric backing on reverse. Allow to dry.

  12. Cut out figure; sand if there are any sharp areas.

  13. Draw in details such as belt buckles, collars, and purses with thin markers; add rickrack trims to skirt.

  14. Use your hands to bend at waist and knees, then display.

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