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Painted Wall Columns

Martha Stewart Living, September 2009

To create a white column in the corner of the room, we started with white walls and painted the blue area. We also left a 1-foot white border at the top and bottom of the wall.

1. Download the stencil.

2. Print the stencil. Connect the halves to make the pattern.

3. Trace the pattern onto card stock.

4. Using a craft knife, cut out template from card stock.

5. To create the white borders at the top and bottom of the wall, tack 2 strings across the wall, the first 1 foot from the ceiling and the second 1 foot from the baseboard, or use a chalk-line tool as a guide. Tape off that line with painters' tape, starting far enough from the corner to allow for the stencil.

6. To stencil the pattern: Place the stencil perpendicular to the tape line so that the design faces the corner.

7. Using painters' tape to hold the template against the wall, trace the design with pencil or chalk.

8. Working down the wall, turn the stencil 180 degrees, and repeat until the pattern reaches the bottom of the wall.

9. Use a round artist's paintbrush to outline the silhouette with blue paint. Then finish the walls with a roller.

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