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Pumpkin Creatures: Picking Pumpkins

Martha Stewart Living, October 2003

When choosing pumpkins and gourds to make your Pumpkin Creatures, keep in mind that oval shapes are generally good for bodies and round ones are good for heads. Gourds with pointy ends can be used to make noses or the heads of smaller creatures. For details such as ears, noses, paws, and eyes, cut miniature pumpkins in half, or slice them into smaller pieces. Here are some varieties that are particularly useful for projects.

Clockwise from top left:
1. Cucurbita pepo 'Little Boo'
2. Striped pear gourd
3. Spoon gourd
4. C. pepo 'Munchkin'
5. Bicolor pear gourd
6. C. pepo 'Sweet Dumpling'
7. Pear gourd
8. Striped pear gourd
9. C. pepo 'Small Sugar'
10. C. pepo 'Delicata'
11. Ornamental gourd
12. C. maxima 'Orange Hokkaido'

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