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Top-Drilled Pendant

Making a pendant with a bead that has a hole running through the top is similar to making one with a center-drilled bead, but you use a length of wire instead of a head pin.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2005


  • Wire cutters

  • Wire

  • round-nose pliers (pincers vertical)


  1. With wire cutters, clip a 3-inch piece of wire; thread through bead. Bend on either side with the tip of round-nose pliers, getting as close to the bead as possible. Then twist once with your hands at the top of the bead, as shown.

  2. With round-nose pliers (pincers vertical), grasp horizontal wire just above the twist. With your hands, wrap wire over pliers in the other direction, to form half a loop.

  3. Take out pliers and fit loop around bottom pincer, then bring the wire around to complete the loop. (At this point, you may attach the pendant to a chain or a closed jump ring: Take the loop off the pliers and open as you would a jump ring; attach, then close again.)

  4. While firmly holding the loop between chain-nose pliers, wrap the wire around the shank until you meet the bead. Clip both ends with wire cutters; tuck in ends with chain-nose pliers.

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