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How to Iron a Rectangular Tablecloth

The Martha Stewart Show

If you are planning to put the cloth directly on a table, set the ironing board right next to the table to avoid folding -- and creasing -- it. Lay a clean sheet on the floor under the board to keep the ends of the cloth from getting dirty.

Iron the cloth damp out of the dryer or sprinkle to dampen.

Iron the bottom side first, pushing the cloth over the board as you work, then finish on the top side (for delicate fabric, or to avoid a sheen, use a lower setting and press the bottom side only). If you have a large or unwieldy cloth, try this alternative method: Fold in half lengthwise, top sides together, and press; refold bottom sides together, and iron until dry. Erase any unwanted center crease by folding the cloth loosely into thirds, and gently ironing down the middle. Store on a hanger draped with acid-free tissue, or fold in half a final time and store flat.

"Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook"

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