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Cleaning Bucket

The Martha Stewart Show, April 2009

Did you know, the concept of spring-cleaning comes from the days when households relied on wood-burning stoves to heat their homes? On the first warm day of spring, a thorough cleaning was conducted to remove the ash and soot left behind.

Thankfully, modern heating has eliminated that problem, but the idea of spring-cleaning has remained. When it comes time to spring-clean, Martha fills a plastic bucket with essential cleaning tools that can be carried from room to room. ... It's a Good Thing.

Cleaning Items

Scrubbing brush
Rubber gloves to protect your hands -- and your manicure.
Terrycloth rags
Pop-up sponges
Dustpan and brush by OXO
Squeegee for windows
Swiffer Dusters, for cleaning mirrors, furniture and lamps.
Paper towels
Nature's Source natural cleaning products

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