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Tips for Successful Homemade Ice Cream

Martha Stewart Living, July 2006

Chill the Canister
Remember to place the ice cream maker's canister in the freezer at least one day ahead. Many models require chilling the canister unit beforehand so it will be cold enough to freeze the base as the machine churns it.

Have an Extra
For the same reason, it's worth buying an extra canister and freezing both. This way, you can make more than one batch or flavor in a day.

Serve Immediately
The ideal way to eat homemade ice cream is when it's just churned and still a bit soft. If, however, you like a more solid ice cream, harden the batch in the freezer for a few hours.

Store Leftovers
Pint-size take-out soup containers (paper or plastic) with lids make fine storage tubs for ice cream, but any airtight plastic container will do.

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