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Thanksgiving Arrangement

These beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table use seasonal produce and fresh flowers.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2008


The best thing to do is to check your local grocery store or farmers' market to see what is fresh and in season. To help your arrangement last as long as possible, mix in flower food, change the water regularly, and use a spray bottle to mist the arrangement.

Martha's Arrangement: Martha used white ornamental kale, green kale, lady apples, loquats, hypericum, ilex, carnations, spray roses, calla lily, green seeded eucalyptus, quinces, mint, and pittosporium to make her arrangement.

Kevin Sharkey's Arrangement: Kevin used purple ornamental kale, Russian kale, olives on branches, pomegranates, concord grapes, red seedless grapes, suckle pears, purple tulips, rosehips, purple seeded eucalyptus, and rosemary to make his arrangement.


  • Vessel


  • Flowers


  • Fresh seasonal produce


  • Protective liner (if needed)


  • Floral adhesive

  • Wired wood picks/bamboo skewers

  • Spiked floral frog


  1. Start at base of the vessel. Begin to work forward to center using both flowers and produce.

  2. Fit vessel with a protective liner if needed. Place a spiked flower frog inside; secure with floral adhesive. Fill halfway with water.

  3. Use wired wood picks for securing stemmed fruit (like grapes). Use bamboo skewers to spear fruit without stems.

  4. Insert produce and flowers; vary placement according to color and texture. Form a loose mound as you work; fill in gaps with branches or blooms.

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