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Hanging Wallpaper: Matching Patterns

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2000


When choosing a wallpaper, remember that some patterns are harder to match. People tend to focus on the center of a wall, the interval between windows, and anything at eye level, so pay special attention to matching patterns at these points.

So long as you are able to hang full-width strips of paper, these are the easiest patterns to match. However, trimming to cover tight spaces can get tricky, since they break the pattern's rhythm.

This is the easiest type of nonstriped pattern for the novice to manage: The eye generally overlooks mismatches within a dense, small-figured design.

Straight Match
Designs like this latticework are simple to match, since the repeat begins and ends precisely within the width of each roll of paper.

Drop Repeat
Because the repeated motif extends beyond the width of the wallpaper roll, this sort of pattern is the most difficult to align at a seam -- and the likeliest to produce a lot of waste.

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