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Eyebrows 101 with Eva Scrivo

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2007

Eyebrows are like frames to your eyes. Eyebrows are the easiest feature on your face to change, and doing so can give the appearance of an immediate facelift.

Coloring Eyebrows

Having eyebrows professionally dyed is a great beauty secret. It's best to use an ash-based hue so that it doesn't go too red, and you should go a shade or two darker than your hair color. Taupe works for people with hair color ranging from blonde to light brown. For dark eyebrows, use a medium-brown, and for gray hair use an ashy-gray-colored pencil and powder. Eva's favorite pencil is T. LeClerc (02-chatain), which she sells at her store, and it works for most people. Brunettes should go two shades lighter with an eye pencil.

Shaping Full Eyebrows

For shaping full eyebrows, Eva recommends the Vitry stainless steel slant-end tweezers, which pluck only one hair at a time. A lot of people don't realize that their tweezers are taking out multiple hairs at once, which can leave them with a hole. Over-plucking results in eyebrows that are too thin.

Men's Eyebrows

Men should groom their eyebrows too: The trick is to tweeze only the bottom and to pluck every other hair in each row so that it looks natural.


Download Eva's Eyebrow Tip Card for more information on making your eyebrows perfect. To purchase the Vitry tweezers, visit

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