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Creepy Snakes

These homemade snakes are the perfect addition to your front porch this Halloween.

Source: Martha Stewart Living


  • Gray pipe insulation: four 3-foot pieces for $2.76, by Thermwell, from Home Depot

  • Yellow map tacks

  • 1.5-inch nails

  • Permanent marker

  • White acrylic paint

  • Red paper

  • Green spray paint


  1. Squeeze end of pipe insulation together and use heavy-duty scissors to cut a triangle from each side. This will create the snake's open mouth. Cut long snake tongue from red paper and hot glue to bottom inside of snake mouth.

  2. Paint 2 nails white below nail head. Push through the top of snake head to form nostrils and fangs.

  3. Use 2 large map tacks for eyes, adding dab of craft glue to pin and pushing into foam. Add black pupils to pins with permanent marker.

  4. Lay scrap of loosely woven burlap over snake body and spray lightly with green spray paint. This will create scale-like pattern.

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