Fashion and grooming director for Men's Health magazine, Brian Boye, joins Martha with some spring and summer looks for every occasion, from business to the beach.

The Look: Summer Wedding

Two-button suits are in style now, with a fit that is a little closer to the body.

Seen on Show

  • Banana Republic 3-piece cotton suit
  • Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers Dress Shirt
  • Cole Haan Shoes with Nike Air Technology

Pairing Shoes with an Outfit

A black or brown lace-up leather shoe is the most versatile shoe you can buy. They go with any suit in your closet, as well as jeans and khakis. Brown shoes go best with tan, gray, and navy suits.

Matching Belts to an Outfit

Your belt should match your shoes, not only in color, but in texture -- so wear a suede belt if your shoes are suede. If the shoe is casual, wear a thicker, casual belt, not a dressy one. Shoes and belts should always speak the same language -- thin belts typically go with dressier shoes while canvas belts are fun for summer. A big trend right now is to skip the belt altogether; this looks best with trousers with a tab closure.

The Look: Business Casual

Mix up the colors -- instead of khaki chinos, try another color, such as gray or blue.

Seen on Show

  • Express Men Dress Shirt
  • J. Crew Gray Chinos
  • J. Crew Tie
  • Geox Loafers
  • Gerard Peregeaux Watch

Matching Socks with an Outfit

Socks should coordinate with your pants. If you're more advanced in style, and more confident, try a fun sock -- it shows your personality.

Men's Accessories

The first thing women notice about men when checking them out is their shoes. But the second is their watch. (Hair is the third.) Many tend to focus on the outfit alone, but you should pay as much attention to the details. Jewelry is okay too, but in moderation, and in appropriate situations. A simple bracelet or necklace works, but don't layer them.

The Look: Weekend

Lighter, slightly distressed denim is back in style and looks great for spring and summer.

Seen on Show

  • Boss Hugo Boss Nylon Jacket
  • Express Men Shirt
  • DKNY Jeans
  • J. Crew Belt
  • Cole Haan Shoes
  • Links of London Friendship Bracelet

Men's Jeans

Jeans can run upwards of a couple hundred dollars -- so how to you know if you're spending too much? A good rule of thumb: Figure out how often you're going to wear something, and how long you think it'll be in style, to help you determine how much you're willing to spend. Jeans can be relatively timeless and are worth spending money on, because they're worn so often. But there are some things that look cool now but won't work next summer. Spend less on those items.

The Look: Beach

Swim trunks that hit your leg somewhere above the knee look best on most guys.

Seen on Show

  • Parke and Ronen Swim Trunks
  • J. Crew T-shirt
  • J. Crew Flip Flops
  • Coach Tote Bag
  • Digby and Iona Dice Necklace
  • Beryl Sunglasses
  • Nautica Beach Towel

Choosing a Swim Suit

When selecting a swim suit, avoid trunks with elastic waists. A good bet is board shorts that are laced up in the front, which look great on all body types. Elastic waistbands can cinch your waist and make you look heavier than you are.

Closet Staples

Aside from the looks detailed above, every guy should also have the following staples in his closet:

  • 1 dark, solid suit (black, charcoal). The cycle on buttons and suits typically lasts about 10 years. Right now, we're in the middle of a 2-button cycle. Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein's White Label sold at Macy's is a good option.
  • 1 solid dress shirts, 1 patterned dress shirt
  • 1 great pair of khaki chinos
  • Athletic sneaker, fashion-hybrid sneakers, dress shoes, boots, sandals
  • Lightweight cashmere V-neck sweater
  • A couple of pairs of Bermuda shorts (fits above the knee)
  • A lightweight jacket
  • A few pairs of jeans


Special thanks to Brian Boye, fashion and grooming director for Men's Health magazine, for sharing this information and giving the current issue of Men's Health to our studio audience.


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