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Easter Bucket

kid easter basket

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, January 2008


  • Plastic bucket in a spring color

  • Fun foam, $4.99 per package of 40, from Jo-Ann Stores

  • Scissors

  • Craft glue, from Martha Stewart Crafts, or ¬†Perfect Glue No. 2, $3.11, by Liquid Nails, available at and hardware stores


  1. Sand down the plastic bucket to give it tooth (which means making it slightly rough to allow the foam to stick better).

  2. Using the template, trace chicks and flowers onto foam; cut out using scissors.

  3. Apply the glue to the foam.

  4. Press the chick and flower cutouts in place on the bucket.

  5. Start with a dyed Easter egg.

  6. To make the beak, fold a 1/2-inch square of crepe paper in half. Then cut out a triangle, with the wide end on the fold; unfold and glue to the top of a dyed egg with craft glue.

  7. Cut 2 wing spaces from crepe paper (be creative!), and glue each to the egg next to the beak.

  8. You're finished! Put your eggs in the finished Easter bucket on a bed of Easter grass and add candies, if desired.

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