What you'll need to start making your own jewelry. (All items are available at bead or crafts stores.)


For tying knots in silk cord.


Standard bracelet is 7 inches; necklace, from 14 inches for a choker to 45 for a lariat (lengths from 16 to 20 inches are common).

Pliers and Cutters

You'll need chain-nose and round-nose pliers and cutters.

Ball Pins

Thread stones onto these wires, then twist wires to make a pendant.

Bead Tips

Place one at each end of the silk cord so that clasps can be attached.

Silk Cord

Use the thickest string the bead can take.

Ear Wire

For earrings; these come in many styles.

Jump Rings

These are connectors, used for joining pendants to chains and more.


Affix to wire or string (with a bead tip).

Eye Pins

Similar to ball pins but with a loop for joining to chain or ear wire.


Fourteen- or 18-karat gold is best. Look for 22- to 26-gauge wire (higher numbers are thinner).

Head Pins

The same as ball pins but flat on one end.


Cement glue secures knots.


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