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Lobster Costume

toddler in lobster halloween costume

Source: Martha Stewart


This costume can be sized to fit a child of any age; only the claws and skirt require sewing. Lillian can clap her giant claws together or free her fingers to give a pinch through slits in the back of the felt mitts. Ping-pong-ball eyes bob on ends of pipe cleaners affixed to a cotton pilot's cap. A scalloped-edge skirt worn over a red snap-bottom T-shirt allows for freedom of movement.


  • Kraft paper

  • 1/2 yard red felt

  • 2 pairs Velcro dots

  • 1/4 yard polyurethane foam

  • Four 1-inch-diameter red cardboard disks

  • 2 red pipe cleaners

  • Glue

  • A red pilot's cap

  • Black permanent marker

  • 2 white ping-pong balls


  1. For skirt, create kraft-paper template (for top width, measure waist, divide by 2; add 3-by-1 1/2-inch tab). Cut 2 felt shapes from template; sew together along sides with 1/4-inch seam allowance (on left side, stop below tab). Turn right side out and sew on Velcro tabs as shown; iron.

  2. For claws, use enlarged claw template to cut 4 shapes from felt and 2 from foam. Cut slit in 2 felt shapes as shown. Stack 1 foam, 1 slit felt, then 1 slitless felt shape; sew along edges, leaving bottom open. Turn right side out; iron; repeat for other claw.

  3. For eyes, poke a hole in each cardboard disk with pin; push pipe cleaners through; loop at end; sandwich loop between disks; glue disks together. Cut small hole on both top sides of cap. Push pipe cleaner through; glue disks to underside of cap. Draw dot on ping-pong ball. Poke hole on opposite side; push pipe cleaner into hole. Repeat for other eye.

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