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Customized Party Favors

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, September 2005


Bottle Labels
Tools and Materials
Water or wine bottle
Clear adhesive paper
Bone folder

Bottle Labels How-To
1. Measure the circumference of the bottle around the middle. Scan the photograph into a computer, resize so it will fit the bottle's measurements, and color print the image onto clear adhesive paper.

2. For cylindrical bottles, cut a rectangular strip with the photo centered in the middle so it wraps around 1/3 of the bottle. If you're using a sloped bottle, remove the original label and use as a template for the new one.

3. Peel off the protective backing about 1/2 inch. Lay down in place on the bottle and, little by little, peel off the remaining backing as you wrap the label around the bottle.

4. Smooth out any wrinkles using the bone folder.

Tools and Materials
White adhesive paper
Plain paper (optional)
Glue stick (optional)
Bone folder

Matchboxes How-To
1. Scan photo into a computer and size the image to the same dimension as the matchbox cover. Use photo-editing software to lay out multiple images on a single page.

2. Color print the images onto white adhesive paper. You can also use plain paper. Cut out the images.

3. Peel off the protective backing and adhere images to the top of the matchboxes, working from left to right. If you're using plain paper, use a glue stick to make the image adhere. Smooth out any wrinkles with a bone folder.

Personalized Plates
Tools and Materials

Personalized Plates How-To
Use a print-services store to scan the photo and print it onto a sheet of one-sided vinyl adhesive. Apply the vinyl directly onto vintage tea plates by peeling the back from the adhesives side and sticking them down -- taking care not to trap any air between the plate and the vinyl, which might cause small air bubbles.

Martha made customized party favors for her mother's birthday party using photos from her past. If you want that personal touch, Graphic Systems will print any image on any fabric.


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