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Lost Pet with Marc

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If you have a small pet such as a hamster, gerbil, or ferret, then you probably already know that when it is out of its cage, it can slip away quickly. These kinds of animals love to explore, and they're so small, they can be tough to find. Pet expert Marc Morrone offers some tips for keeping track of your small pets.

Ferrets are mischievous creatures -- when you're not looking, they might suddenly end up in the laundry basket, under the bed, or behind the washing machine. And since they're small and move noiselessly, relying on your ears doesn't help. An easy solution is to put a small collar around the ferret's neck, and attach a tiny jingle bell to the collar. That way, you can simply listen for your little friend instead of searching the house.

If hamsters or gerbils get away from you, the best way to catch them is to tempt them back with food. Since it's unlikely they'll come when called, try this trick that Marc uses: Place some treats in a bucket lined with wood shavings or other soft bedding material. Then balance a wooden plank against the bucket, creating a walkway up to the rim. Leave the contraption in place overnight. At some point, your pet will get hungry, smell the food, and walk up the ramp in search of it. At the top, it will fall into the bucket and will be unable to get out. Don't worry about hurting your pet -- the bedding will break the fall. In the morning, your friend will most likely be waiting for you inside the bucket.

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