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Ribbon Belt and Bracelet

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


These attractive belts and bracelets can be made with any grosgrain ribbon, from an ornate brocade to a sporty nautical stripe.


  • 2 D-rings

  • Ribbon


  1. Choose your ribbon, and select two D-rings that are a suitable size for the ribbon's width (D-rings are available from about 5/8 inch to 1 1/4 inches wide).

  2. To make a belt, measure your waist or hips, depending on where you want the belt to sit, and add 10 inches. For a bracelet, measure your wrist, and add 3 inches.

  3. Cut the ribbon to twice that length, the fold it in half, and pin its sides together.

  4. Starting at the folded edge, stitch neatly all the way around the perimeter of the ribbon, staying close to the edge. Thread the cut end of the ribbon through both D-rings; fold the cut edge under 1/4 inch, then fold down about 3/4 inch to cover the D-rings, securing them snugly but not tightly.

  5. Stitch across the length of the ribbon, enclosing the D-rings.

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