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Photo Flipper

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Whenever you're waiting to pick up photographs, you're full of anticipation. It's a thrill to relive memories through pictures of recent vacations or pivotal moments such as your child's tenth birthday or a family reunion. But oftentimes, after the initial excitement of the first viewing, photographs end up stashed away in a drawer, where they're inaccessible and, what's worse, at risk of getting damaged or becoming disorganized. Although many people plan to assemble their photo albums someday, this project frequently ends up on the back burner.

At about $2 a piece, these three-by-five- or four-by-six-inch photo flippers are an inexpensive solution for storing your pictures. The plastic sleeves protect the photographs, and the books help you organize your snapshots by subject matter. Just slide the pictures into the pocket sleeves, then remove the cover that came with the flipper. Decorate the front and back with two pieces of card stock onto which an image has been affixed. Use a label maker to make identifying labels that include the location and date. Store the photo flippers in a basket or a box that's close to the sofa or easy chair, so that your memories are always at arm's reach.


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