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Sprouting Seeds

The Martha Stewart Show, April 2008

Freshly grown organic sprouts add taste and texture, as well as nutrients, to salads and sandwiches. Sprouting your own seeds is very simple and quite fun -- and believe it or not, you can sprout seeds right in your kitchen in two to five days.

Seeds for Sprouting
There are a variety of seeds that, when sprouted, taste delicious. Make sure the seeds you use are intended for sprouting and have been tested negative for the presence of E. coli and salmonella.

- Onion: a wonderful spicy taste
- Broccoli: a pleasant, light taste
- Alfalfa: very popular, light taste
- Radish, daikon: crisp, spicy seedlings with white stems and green leaves
- Radish, China rose: crisp green leaves with red stems
- Mung beans: taste great in Asian dishes
- Mustard: a sharp, spicy taste
- Red Russian kale: a sweet, mild taste
- Fenugreek: rich-tasting
- Wheat: sweet with a malt taste

Sprouting How-To
Once you have decided which seeds you would like to sprout, then it's time to start sprouting with the Bioset Seed Sprouter, a specialized germinator from Johnny's Selected Seeds.

1. Place one kind of seeds evenly in tray.

2. Place the water vessel tray on top.

3. Fill the top tray with water twice a day -- the moisture and humidity are controlled through the bioset. The water is siphoned throughout the sprouter. The plants grow upward separately.

4. Once sprouts are ready, rinse them under running water and eat.

The Bioset Seed Sprouter and various Seeds for Sprouting are available at Johnny's Selected Seeds. Special thanks to Johnny's for giving a catalog and coupon to our studio audience.

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