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Everyday Food, Volume 12 May 2004

The name may sound unfamiliar ("gewurz" is the German word for spice; "traminer" refers to the grape's place of origin), but you'll recognize this wine's rich full-bodied flavors.

Where Does It Come From?
Primarily cultivated in Alsace, France, and in Germany, this cool-weather grape is grown elsewhere in limited amounts, including the United States (Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and New York), Austria, and Hungary.

How Does It Taste?
Available in dry, off-dry, and sweet ("late harvest") varieties, these wines have a floral quality balanced by the aroma of nutmeg and cloves.

What Foods Does It Go With?
Gewurztraminer's crisp acidity goes well with spicy foods, especially Asian dishes; the sweeter varieties are best with cheese or dessert.

How Much Does It Cost?
There's no need to spend more than $15 to get a good bottle.

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