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Slime Kit with Ethan

The Martha Stewart Show, October 2001

Although most holidays are best celebrated with a wealth of Good Things, Halloween calls for Gross Things -- and what could be more sickening than a punch bowl full of slime and bugs?

To make a hearty serving of slime, empty a packet of guar gum into 8 cups of hot tap water, stirring constantly. As Martha and her young friend Ethan demonstrate, you can eliminate any lumps by pressing the slime through a sieve with a spatula. Set aside the slime for a few minutes. In another container, mix 2 tablespoons borax with 1 1/2 cups hot tap water, and stir until dissolved. Add 1/2 cup of the borax mixture to the guar gum mixture, stirring as you pour. The slime will congeal as it cools to room temperature.

Mix in plastic bugs or other spooky knickknacks to decorate. Although it's entirely safe to handle for children ages 5 and up, please refrain from eating the slime -- it's disgusting enough just to look at it.

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