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Stamped Holiday Cards

Photography: Charles Schiller

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Holiday 2001


If you start thinking about your holiday greetings a few weeks early, you can take a unique approach and include your children in the gesture. Whether they contribute a drawing or a handwritten message, you will instill in them the importance of thinking about and keeping in touch with the people they care about. And those people, in turn, will be delighted by the one-of-a-kind cards they receive.

Rubber stamps are often custom-made for business purposes, but you can easily have one made for decorating all of your holiday cards, envelopes, gift tags, labels, and wrapping paper. Ask your child to use a single marker to draw whatever inspires him or her. 

Select your favorite image; you can enlarge or reduce it on a photocopier (the larger the image, the more unwieldy the stamp). Even images with small details, like the reindeer and snowman shown here, will reproduce well. 

Stamps can take as few as two days to make and cost about $20, depending on the size. Clean the rubber with a damp paper towel between uses. It's a good idea to store ink pads in resealable plastic bags.

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