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BethAnn Goldberg: Studio Cake

BethAnn Goldberg knows that good things don't come to those who wait. "Good things come to those who get up and make things happen," she says.

Designing cakes became a passion and hobby for BethAnn after she created a green caterpillar cake for her daughter's first birthday. Yet, the talented baker initially started her business not as a "business," but as a love of celebration, good food, creativity, and art. 

"Cake is at the heart of our most cherished events -- it's a gesture of sharing and giving the best that we as hosts have to offer to our friends and family," she says. 

This summer, BethAnn opened Studio Cake, a Menlo Park, California-based shop specializing in wedding and specialty cakes that doubles as a shared kitchen for a handful of women-owned start-up food businesses. Each day, BethAnn tries to honor her passion and drive by learning the craft of beautiful cakes, understanding her customers, seizing every opportunity that presents itself, and above all, creating her own opportunities for success. 

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