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Removing Crayon Stains

The Martha Stewart Show, April 2007

Tools and Materials
Mineral spirits (artist-grade and odorless)
Clear liquid dishwashing detergent
Isopropyl alcohol
Applicator bottle
Cheesecloth or tamper
Hairdryer, optional
Plastic spoon or bone scraper
White towels

Crayon Stain Removal How-To
1. Place a wash cloth or cheesecloth underneath stained fabric.

2. Apply mineral spirits with an applicator bottle.

3. Blot stain with a cheese cloth or tamping tool.

4. Apply isopropyl alcohol to flush out mineral spirits. Let fabric air-dry completely or use hair dryer on air with no heat setting. Feather it from outside to center, to avoid creating rings.

5. Apply a mixture of water and dishwashing soap. Rub in with plastic spoon or bone scraper.

6. Scoop off dye. Remove washcloth or cheesecloth from beneath fabric.

7. Launder fabric in washing machine using appropriate cycle.

Mineral spirits can be found at art-supply shops.

Special Thanks
Jonathan Scheer of J. Scheer & Co. and Crayola

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