Make this autumnal wreath to decorate your front door this fall.
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This festive fall wreath is just the thing to adorn your front door this autumn. This craft only takes a few simple materials and easy steps to make. The amount of corn that you need will vary depending on the size of the wreath; we used 140 ears for an 18-inch wreath form.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Using the drill, make a 2-inch-deep hole in the base of each ear of corn. With the wire cutters, snip one 9-inch length of stem wire for every ear of corn.

Step 2

Squeeze a pea-sized dab of glue into the drilled hole and insert one piece of stem wire. Repeat with all of the pieces of corn and stem wire; letting it dry overnight. 

Step 3

Anchor the floral wire to one section of the wreath form. Wire one ear of corn to the wreath form, wrapping tightly around the stem wire near the base of the corn to secure; do not cut wire. Continue adding the corn one ear at a time, arranging them across the width of the form until you have a row of four or five ears.

Step 4

Add another row to the next section of the wreath form, overlapping the previous one slightly. Continue layering and circling around until you reach the starting point. Cut the wire and secure the end to the wreath form.


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