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Tabitha Geary: Tabitha Geary LLC

Three years ago, when Tabitha Geary's kids received memory books from their grandmother, it sparked an idea: Although scrapbooks filled the marketplace, she found no true industry for memory organizing. 

"I knew almost everyone could relate to the box of old memories in an attic or closet, but did anyone truly enjoy them?" asked the mother of five. "What about those who did not have the time or the desire to turn them into scrapbooks?" 

From there, she founded Tabitha Geary LLC, a company that organizes bags and boxes of memories -- including photos, artwork, and letters -- and transforms them into works of art for families to enjoy every day. "Our customers cry when they receive their projects, and even send presents [catered lunches, flowers, notes, etc.] as a thank you," she says. 

Tabitha has nine full-time and three part-time employees, and her business was recently featured in "Entrepreneur" magazine. She also was voted one of Virginia's Top 10 Growth Companies to Watch for 2008. But for this mother of five, what is most rewarding is the chance to play a role in preserving everyday history for generations to come.

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