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DIY Jewelry Storage: Frame Your Treasures

Treat your jewelry collection like the wearable pieces of art they are -- framed and on display. The velvet backing keeps your baubles cushioned and scratch-free, and the picture frame setting can be showcased on the tabletop or mounted on the wall.

Source: Clotheskeeping, Special Issue


For this project, we used Homasote (which is soft, so earring studs and hooks can be pushed directly into the velvet) but almost any similar fiberboard will work.


Black cotton velvet, $30 per 1 yard,; Medium density fiberboard, 3/4" x 2 ft. x 4ft., $12.50 each,


  • Picture frame
  • Homasote or similar fiberboard (cut to size)
  • Black cotton velvet
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Small hooks


  1. Cut an approximately 1-inch-thick piece of fiberboard to fit the frame. (Tip: Ask your local lumberyard or hardware store to do this.)

  2. Cut a piece of cotton velvet measuring 2 inches larger than the fiberboard all-around.
  3. Center the fiberboard over the velvet, plush side facing down. Wrap one side of the velvet over the fiberboard; secure with a staple gun, 1 inch from the edge. Repeat for remaining sides, and insert into frame.

  4. To decide where to place hooks, lay out pieces of jewelry onto the velvet; one by one, push hooks into position.

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