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New Appliance Warranties

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When we buy a new appliance, the first thing we're supposed to do is read the manual -- it often says so right on the box. Some may do just that, but the rest of us usually give the instruction a cursory glance and put the manual into a drawer. Someday, that manual is likely to come in handy, and chances are, we'll have just as much luck finding it as the stray buttons or old coupons that are keeping our manual company. But there is a handy way to store our instruction manuals or warranty agreements close at hand so they're ready when needed.

Try using a binder with clearly marked pocket dividers that indicate the contents. The dividers usually come with labels that can be used in a laser printer, or they can simply be written out. If you have a P-Touch label maker, available in office supply stores, you can also print out the information in attractive lettering. Subdivide the binders into categories, such as home entertainment gadgets, kitchen appliances, and tools.

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