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Pearl Fryar, Tree Sculptor

The Martha Stewart Show, May 2010

Pearl Fryar just wanted to win a local yard contest when he began artfully trimming his bushes in 1984. He wound up creating a horticultural phenomenon.

As an amateur garden artist with no training, Pearl spent years crafting a stunning topiary garden, pruning his way to international fame. What started with a few plants became a 3-acre masterpiece that attracted visitors from all over and put his tiny hometown of Bishopville, South Carolina, on the map.

Pearl, now 70, has grown 400 species of plants and made 150 topiaries, many of which began as salvaged seedlings from a local nursery. He's also expanded beyond the confines of his own property, creating living sculptures all over Bishopville.

Pearl's garden has been named a Preservation Project by the Garden Conservancy, a designation only awarded to exceptional private gardens. He was also the subject of a documentary, "A Man Named Pearl."

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