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Browse through our galleries of Home Tours, from tiny Manhattan apartments to spacious Southern colonials.

Home Tour: L.A. Spanish-Style House
The primary color of this growing family's California home is white. That is, the new kind of white -- relaxed, lived in, with not even a hint of preciousness.

Home Tour: Country Cottage
A simple cottage undergoes a sophisticated transformation that respects its past but celebrates its quirky character.

Home Tour: Manhattan Apartment
Space-saving tricks help an editor's apartment feel less like a closet and more like a castle.

Home Tour: Beach Bungalow
Sculptor Elena Colombo used her ingenuity to create a lively getaway in a turn-of-the-century Long Island beach cottage, packed full of found objects, eye-popping colors, and occasional sparks of pure genius.

Home Tour: Texas Ranch House
When it came to putting the final touches on her picture-perfect ranch house, citrusy shades and offbeat art were photographer Tosca Radigonda's favorite framing devices.

Home Tour: American Colonial
When a connoisseur of Swedish antiques moves into a foursquare American Colonial, the result is a home as sunny and serene as it is elegant.

Home Tour: Riverside Cottage
A young family's riverside home in Savannah, Georgia, merges relaxed outdoor living with traditional Low Country elegance.

Home Tour: Chicago Row House
Suzanna Bierwirth's Lincoln Park home is chock-full of lessons in easy elegance. Thanks to dramatic colors and artful arrangements, the tiny row house makes a grand statement.

Home Tour: Bold Southern Colonial
When Clare and Brock Pernice and their children, Mia, 8, and Oliver, 5, moved into their 1852 Charleston house, they wanted to mix some modern touches with the traditional South Carolina architecture.

Home Tour: Brooklyn Apartment
After launching two chic New York crafts shops, Joelle Hoverson turned her hand -- literally -- to her own Brooklyn apartment. Here's a look at how this crafts lady transformed her home and her shops into works of art.

Home Tour: Manhattan Loft
A designing couple turn an industrial loft into a family home with gallons of white paint and yards of bold prints.

Mid-Century Modern in L.A.
A continental family moves to Los Angeles, leaving tradition behind and embracing a laid-back but luxurious aesthetic.

Home Tour: Patterned Brooklyn Pad
Designer Lotta Anderson's Brooklyn apartment and nearby office uses the same motifs that decorate her Lotta Jansdotter textiles and ceramics: sublimely subtle hues, quirky organic shapes, and a casual comfort that gives even up-to-the-moment modern an intimate ease.

Santa Barbara Home
Sunlit simplicity is the hallmark of Victoria Pearson's photography, and it is also the quality that drew her to the 1940s structure of her Santa Barbara home.

Westchester Ranch
A photographer and his family created a house that works from an easily forgettable ranch home in Westchester County.

Bonnet House: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
It may not be as famous as Claude Monet's house and gardens in Giverny or Jackson Pollock's studio in East Hampton, but the Bonnet House, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is an equally impressive, and perhaps more exuberant, example of an artist's vision of life in three dimensions.

Modern Colonial
A busy mom brought her eclectic style to every room in her family's home -- except one. Martha Stewart Living home editor, Stephen Earle, came in to help her redecorate her bedroom.

Urban Colonial
Lisa Wagner, TV producer, was determined to bring an urban aesthetic to her new suburban home in Pelham, New York, after moving from downtown Manhattan.

Swedish Accents 
When friends and family gather at David Weiss and Martina Arfwidson's home by the Hudson, Swedish tradition meets casual American style.

A Home in the Heartland
"You can make art from anything," says Heidi Posner, a designer, editor, and painter, whose house in Madison, Wisconsin, proves the point. When autumn comes, and the roses in her garden stop blooming, she begins using the stems and leaves in subtle still lifes. Balls of wool, for Posner's knitting, sometimes serve as decorative objects. If they look good in a bowl, she jokes, they'll probably never become a sweater.

Urbane Renewal: Susan Lyne's Apartment
After a dramatic life change, a woman with several successful careers -- including one as the former CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia -- turns to the renovation of her family's apartment for comfort and clarity.

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