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Tie-Dye-Effect Scarf

Use this innovative spray technique to make a multicolored scarf without the mess of traditional dyes.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 5128


Resources: Simply SprayAmazon. White China silk scarf used on show from Dharma Trading Company


  • Iron

  • Silk scarf

  • Drop cloth or garbage bag for protecting work surface

  • Simply Spray soft fabric paint in two or three colors of your choice

  • Simply Spray soft fabric paint in black

  • Spray bottle filled with water

  • Clothesline and clothespin


  1. Spread out silk scarf on a covered, flat surface. Spray silk scarf with two to three colors of fabric paint to create desired base pattern. Let dry.

  2. Scrunch the left and right sides of dyed scarf, making loose 1-inch pleats. Secure on ends with binder clips.

  3. Lightly spray pleated scarf with water.

  4. Spray black fabric paint over pleated scarf. Unfold and hang on clothesline to dry.

  5. Once dry, iron with a cool iron.

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