Regular spatulas are good for most tasks, but these specially designed versions are the ones to use for more delicate flipping and lifting.

What Are They?

Although they look like other spatulas, these are razor-thin at the lifting edge so they won't tear food. The spatulas thicken toward the handle, which makes them sturdy. Some are made with plastic or coated with a heat-resistant material for use on nonstick pans. Look for any of these spatulas in houseware stores and specialty shops.

Why They're Great

Thin-edge spatulas are perfect for lifting cookies (especially thin ones) from baking sheets, and flaky fish as well as fried eggs from pans. They also work well for flipping pancakes.

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Martha Stewart Member
August 26, 2017
Sure Wish you would come out again with the stainless SUPER thin spatula as shown on the right in this picture. I purchased 2 at the time - wish I had purchased ten of them. They are the best ever!