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Metallic Eggs

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2006


  • Varying shades of gold leaf (Tip: Imitation gold leaf is less expensive. You may want to consider using the imitation leaf while learning the technique.

  • Small paint brushes

  • Eggs

  • Gilding size adhesive

  • Gilder's paintbrush


  1. At a crafts store, buy gold leaf in various shades (you'll need three or four gold sheets per egg). Blow out eggs. Working in a draft-free room and using a small brush, paint blown-out eggs with size, an adhesive material, and let dry on drying rack according to manufacturer's instructions.

  2. Wearing cotton gloves, rub a thin gilder's tip brush on your hair to create static, and lift one gold sheet from the packet. Drape it over egg coated with size, and smooth with your fingers. Repeat until egg is covered. Go over egg with a soft, clean natural paintbrush to even out the texture and brush off any extra flakes.

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