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Everyday Food, Volume 28 December 2005

Light-hearted and affordable, this delightful Italian bubbly is a welcome party guest.

What Is It?
Named after the Prosecco grape, this Italian sparkling wine is dry, crisp, and only a little stronger than beer. Although it can be used in place of Champagne, it is quite different -- fresher, lighter, and fruitier since it is rarely aged. You may taste hints of apple, peach, pear, or melon.

What Does It Go with?
Prosecco is usually enjoyed as an aperitif -- on its own or with appetizers. Pair it with anything you would normally have with Champagne. You can also serve it with a light entree of shellfish or pasta in cream sauce. Prosecco is the traditional base for a Bellini cocktail, mixed with peach puree. It can also be used to make mimosas and other fruit-based drinks.

How Much Does It Cost?
Good Prosecco can be had for as little as $10 a bottle -- an ideal choice when you're pouring for a crowd.


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