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Anti-Tarnish Strips

When you’re preparing for a special dinner, the last thing you want to do is spend the day polishing silver. Today, Martha shares a few of her secrets to keep all of your silver practically tarnish-free.

Sulpher, salts, and other caustic elements and gases in the air cause tarnishing and harmful pitting. Martha stores her silver in Kenized® cloth drawer liners. Kenized cloth is 100%-cotton flannel; the active compound is zinc carbonate, which creates a natural barrier that keeps tarnish-producing elements and gases from reaching the silver.

Adding anti-tarnish strips to the drawer along with the liners makes for the perfect combination. These paper strips contain an active absorption ingredient that is completely nontoxic. The strips absorb airborne pollutants that cause silver to tarnish. In a resealable bag, the strips can keep silver tarnish-free for up to twelve months, and in an airtight plastic container, the strips can protect for up to twenty-four months.

To keep silver free of water spots, it’s best to use flour sack towels, because they are lint-free and dry quickly.

Anti-tarnish strips

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