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Tulip Facts

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2007

Tulip Facts

-The word "tulip" comes from the Ottoman Turkish word for turban or muslin.

-When the tulip first arrived in Holland in the late 1500s, they were considered a precious commodity.

-Even the wealthy had trouble attaining a full bed of bulbs.

-Though tulips are now commonly associated with Holland, they are originally from the Middle East and the favorites of Turkish sultans.

-In Victorian times, red tulips were considered a declaration of love, making them an ideal gift for any romantic occasion.

-These undemanding plants can flourish in Zone 3 through Zone 8. Tulips will even bloom in the Deep South and frost-free Southwest. Just be sure to refrigerate them for six to eight weeks before planting.

Types of Tulips

Single Tulips
The classic tulip shape; may bloom early or late. Some fall into specialty classes, such as Triumphs and Darwins.

Double Tulips
The full heads of double tulips resemble peonies; may bloom early or late.

Fringed Tulips
The edges of this tulip's petals appear to have been finely cut; bloom mid- to late-season.

Lily-Flowered Tulips
The pointed petals of this late-blooming variety resemble lilies.

Parrot Tulips
Brilliantly colored petals that are feathered and scalloped characterize this mid- to late-season tulip.

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