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Map Tote Bag

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Did you know that Tyvek, the same material used as a barrier under the siding of a house, is also used to make waterproof hiking maps? And with a little imagination, you can use those maps for something other than guiding yourself through unfamiliar terrain. In this easy project, two such maps are stitched together and given handles to yield a decorative tote bag.

Tools and Materials
2 Tyvek waterproof hiking maps
Scotch tape
1-inch nylon webbing
Butane lighter, or Fray Check

Map Tote Bag How-To
1. Cut a 14-by-18-inch rectangle from the most graphically pleasing area of each map. Use two or three small pieces of Scotch tape to attach the rectangles together at one of the short ends, right sides facing. Sew the rectangles together.

2. To begin forming the bottom of the bag, tuck in the sewn edge, sandwiching it about 1 inch down, in between the two sides. Tape in place. Sew along the sides, leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

3. Fold down the top edge of the bag 1 inch, and sew in place. Cut two 17-inch pieces of 1-inch nylon webbing to use as handles, and melt the cut edges with the lighter to prevent them from unraveling. You can also use Fray Check.

4. Make a pencil mark 4 inches in from each end of the webbing. Fold the webbing between those two marks, and sew together. Sew a handle to each long side of the bag, with the ends 3 inches in from the sides of the bag and about 2 inches down from the top edge. Use tape to secure in place before sewing. Stitch a rectangle, then an X in the middle of the rectangle to further secure the straps. Remove the tape.

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