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Brain Exercises

Jogging your memory is one of the best fitness regimens you can adopt for your mind. Just as your muscles respond to and develop from a challenging run, so too does your brain benefit from a workout of its own. However, simply flipping television channels or scrolling through your favorite image-heavy blog won't jump-start a sluggish brain. In fact, scheduling a ten minute mental exercise block into your day will have your faculties on fast track in the blink of an eye. UCLA Brain Research Institute Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Studies Dr. Gary Small is well-versed in getting even inert brains to behave, and his book "The Longevity Bible" offers more than a handful of helpful hints. Try a few of these beginning exercises from Dr. Gary Small's book, anc click on the answer link to see how you did. Reinvigorating your brain is as easy as 1-2-well, you know the rest!

Warm-Up Exercise
Brush your hair using your nondominate hand (if you're right-handed, use your left hand). You'll notice it is awkward at first, but practice this exercise over the next few days and you'll see how much easier it gets.

Whole-Brain Exercise
Say "silk" six times. Then answer this: What do cows drink?

Click here for the answer.

Left Brain Exercise
See how many words you can spell from the letters below. No letter may be used twice, and each word must contain the letter "L."


Click here for the answer.

Left Brain Exercise
All the vowels have been removed from the following proverb, and the remaining consonants are in the correct sequence, broken up into groups of two to five letters. Replace the vowels and figure out the proverb.


Click here for the answer.

These exercises are from "The Longevity Bible," by Dr. Gary Small.


If you do find your mind wandering, don't despair — kicking your brain into high gear is simply a matter of pinpointing the problem and targeting the best solution. Your brain activity is influenced by factors you might not immediately consider, from overstimulation by technology to lack of sleep. Combined, these components can lead to a brain that consistently hits the snooze button. When mental exercises simply don't cut it, these key tips will reignite your intellect. 


Imprint the Info

Recording data or facts can drastically increase your ability to recall details at the drop of a hat. Consider it the adult version of taking notes in History class to study up for the big exam. 


Hit the Hay

Sleep and memory maintenance are directly related. If you wish to better retain information, sneak in several more hours of sleep each week.


Eat a Brain-Healthy Diet

Your brain needs nourishment just as much if not more than your body. Slip salmon, olive oil, and antioxidant-laden vegetables into your daily diet for an immediate hike in mental capacity.


Get Moving

A beautiful brain is achieved in much the same way as a beautifully fit body: through consistent exercise. 


Learn for the Sake of It

Learning doesn't simply stop when you leave school. Get ahead of the curve by considering your education a lifelong pursuit.


Take Time to Decompress

An agitated, anxiety-ridden brain is as good as useless when the tension occurs on a regular basis. Schedule a painting party, take time for tai chi, or allow your love for DIY to blossom — these creative and soothing pursuits are also brain buffers. 


Widen the Lens

Give your mind the Marie Kondo treatment and dispose of junk that turns your brain into a sieve. Clarity results from a clean mind. 


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