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Arranging Peonies

The large, extravagant blooms of the peony are a sure sign of spring.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


  1. Pick a generous bunch at a time of day when they will be cool and fresh -- either early in the morning or very late in the afternoon, after the blossoms have had time to rejuvenate from the day's hot sun.

  2. Choose your container.

    Tip: Martha uses an old toolbox for today's arrangement, preparing it by lining the bottom with plastic wrap so that stray droplets of water do not further rust the metal. Inside the toolbox, she inserts two plastic containers to hold the peony stems; you should do the same if your outer container is delicate or could leak or rust.

  3. Now you can arrange the blossoms you've chosen. Martha likes to mix different colors and varieties of peonies within each arrangement, adding large green hosta leaves for contrast and balance. Peony blossoms look equally lovely whether in bud form, half-furled, or in full bloom, so be sure to include flowers in various stages as you build your arrangement.

  4. When you are finished, especially if you are planning to use the peonies as a table centerpiece, spin the arrangement around, and view it from all angles to make sure you've left no gaps in the foliage.

    Tip: If you keep your arrangement in a fairly cool place and replenish it with cool water daily, it should last from five days to a week.

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