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Glittered Halloween Tree

Perfect for hanging your favorite handmade Halloween ornaments, spiders, treat boxes and party-favor cones, this tree can be made in any size you like.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2007


  • Tape

  • 12-foot copper electrical wire (7 strands coiled)

  • Medium cast-iron urn




  • Sheet moss

  • Faux distressed leaves

  • Double-round needle-nose pliers


  1. Using tape, seal the hole in middle of urn.

  2. Glitter urn; place on tray to dry.

  3. Form tree with wire by tying wire together.

  4. Mix and pour plaster into urn.

  5. Set wire in plaster and let dry overnight.

  6. Shape branches.

  7. Cover plaster with sheet moss.

  8. Twist roots to in desired shape.

  9. Hot glue leaves on moss and tree.

  10. Fill tree with ornaments.

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