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Feather-Printed T-Shirt Craft

Bring some natural inspiration to your wardrobe with this unique feather-printed T-shirt.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, May 2010


  • Cotton T-shirt

  • Scrap paper or cardboard

  • Feathers in various sizes

  • Fabric ink, in one light and one dark color

  • Sheet of glass (such as from an old picture frame)

  • Brayer

  • Tweezers


  1. Iron T-shirt flat. Place a piece of paper or cardboard inside shirt to prevent ink from bleeding through. Arrange feathers on T-shirt as you would like to print them (we used five feathers on each shirt in a "necklace" design).

  2. Choose two colors of ink, the first darker than the second (for example, black and green, or dark purple and pink). Spread an even layer of the first color on a piece of glass with a brayer.

  3. Place one feather on a piece of scrap paper and roll paint over feather with brayer. Place feather on T-shirt, ink-side down, starting with the calamus (shaft) and rolling up.

  4. Use tweezers to pull feather off of T-shirt, and place it facedown on a clean piece of scrap paper. Place another piece of paper over feather and roll with a clean brayer to remove excess ink. Put first feather aside to dry, and repeat printing in first color with additional feathers.

  5. Inked feathers should be dry after about an hour. Prepare the second ink color and repeat process for inking. When feather is inked, place facedown on T-shirt over original color. Place a clean piece of scrap paper over feather and press firmly while rolling with clean brayer.

  6. Remove scrap paper and carefully lift feather with tweezers. The details in the feather will have a shadow effect from the double-inking. Repeat with other feathers.

  7. Allow ink to dry. Launder T-shirt as directed by ink manufacturer's instructions.

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