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Snow Lanterns

Bundt pans are the key to this fun, easy outdoor project.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 45 December/January 1996/1997


  • Snow

  • Nonstick or tinned-steel Bundt pans, in various shapes and sizes

  • Pillar candles

  • Spray bottle and water

  • Long fireplace matches


  1. Pack snow into pans. To release, tap bottom of pan firmly. If the snow doesn't come out in 1 piece, repeat, letting the filled pan sit outside for 30 minutes to harden; then release.

  2. Trim the wick of a candle to 1/4 inch, so the flame stays small. Secure candle on a flat surface, such as a step, by packing snow around it. Stack 3 snow forms over candle. Lightly spritz pillar with water; everything will freeze in place.

  3. Light the candle before guests arrive.

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