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The Martha Stewart Show, November November Fall 2007 2007

Today, Martha showcases seven of her favorite gadgets from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's.

Egg Slicer
- Can slice delicate foods such as mushrooms, strawberries, or kiwis.
- Can also make wedges.

Apple Corer
- Cores and cuts apples into eight even wedges.
- Can also be used on pears.

Silicone Garlic Peeler
- Peels garlic cloves with an easy rolling motion to make fresh garlic in seconds.
- No garlic odor.
- Easy to clean.

Citrus Press
- Great for lemons and limes.
- Extracts juices and leaves seeds and pulp behind.

Asian Strainer
- In Asia, this strainer is traditionally used for wontons or large noodles.
- Great for lifting pasta out of a large pot of boiling water, or for scooping large quantities of pasta or vegetables.
- Long handle keeps hands away from heat.

Apron Timer
- Attached to apron to enable you to leave the kitchen while food is cooking.

Fish Turner
- Angled edge and large surface allows easy access to underside of fish.
- A very versatile product, it can also be used to remove cookies from a cookie sheet.

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