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Rope-Wrapped Cachepot

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, May 2010


  • 100 feet of 1/4-inch-thick rope (natural manila, jute, hemp, or sisal rope work best)

  • 10-inch terra cotta pot

  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks

  • Hot-glue mat


  1. Measure a length of rope for the decorative braid element. To do so, wrap rope around pot five times at the height where you would like the braid to fall. Cut this length into three equal pieces.

  2. Squeeze a quarter-size drop of hot glue onto hot-glue mat. Line up the three raw ends of the rope pieces side by side, and carefully press into the hot glue. Allow hot glue to cool, and then peel from mat. Braid the three pieces of rope, starting at the fused end.

  3. Begin wrapping the pot with the rest of the rope, starting under the lip of the pot, and securing along the way with hot glue.

  4. When you reach the height of the braid, end the single rope and glue in place on the same side as it was started. Wrap the braid around the pot, gluing in place, with the seam on the same side as the start and end of the single rope.

  5. Finish wrapping pot with rope below the braid, down to, but not including, the bottom of the pot. Cover sides and top of the lip of the pot with rope in the same way. Make sure rope always starts and ends on the same side of the pot, to keep rope even and to make a clean "front side" to the pot.

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