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Monogrammed Napkins

A monogram is a lovely way to personalize a handkerchief or napkin. Just choose a font on your computer and embroider initials.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2006


  • Pattern

  • Transfer paper

  • Vintage Napkin or handkerchief

  • Pencil

  • Embroidery hoop

  • Needle

  • Embroidery floss


  1. Use a standard chain stitch to create the monogram. Choose a letter from a typography book or computer font menu.

  2. Photocopy or print, adjusting size as needed; cut out. Place pattern on top of transfer paper (red shows best), and trace onto fabric with a pencil. Place fabric in an embroidery hoop, pulling taut.

  3. Thread needle with embroidery floss and insert it through wrong side of fabric. Reinsert next to where needle just exited. Instead of completing the stitch, pull until you have a 1/16-inch loop. Bring needle back up through loop.

  4. Continue linking the loops in this way until you've completed the letter. Sew multiple rows next to one another to fill in wider areas. Knot in back when you are finished.

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