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Customized Bows

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Peonies don't usually bloom in December, but this project allows you to create peony blossoms with simple bows. Start with an inexpensive bow and snip each loop at an angle. Fill the empty spot in the middle with another snipped bow.

You can also use a bunch of identical ribbons -- snipped or not -- to cover the top of a box. Another idea is to use scalloped edgers to snip each loop in a bow, then fan out the ribbons to create an abstract flower. For a modern spiral design, a spool of ribbon and double-sided tape are all you need. Working from the spool, make a small loop and secure it with double-sided tape. Make a slightly larger loop around the smaller one and secure. Continue in this manner, making each new loop slightly larger than the previous. Cut the ribbon and secure end to last loop with double-sided tape. Attach to a box by running a length of ribbon through the bottom loop, then around the box; secure with double-sided tape.

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